I am Janey, a long-time practitioner of yoga and healing. My mission is to bring a more harmonious, comprehensive, and tranquil relationship between pets and their owners. It's always been my heartfelt desire to give animals and our pets a voice, a platform to be heard, nurturing their once uncommunicated needs, just as they nurture ours.

Embracing My Gift

My words as a child to my mum were, “I wish I could communicate with animals.” Fast forward many years, my childhood dream has turned into my life work. Every time I was around an animal suffering, I could hear telepathic words from the dog, and I would embody the experience myself. I initially suppressed my abilities as I thought I was not normal; however I later embraced this intuitive gift, understanding it was my life’s path to allow me to work as communicator and healer.

My vision is to build a society that understands there is so much more happening energetically and internally with animals on so many levels than we have previously believed. Animals have an incredible view of life, enriched with an abundance of wisdom for humans if we allow ourselves to listen.

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