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Energy Scan and Healing

Energy Scan and Healing

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What is an Energy Scan and Healing?

Firstly I scan the animal by going into their energy field to assess what is happening in their body by creating an energetic bond. Using information passed to all my senses, I receive messages regarding any imbalances and underlying issues within the body.

Animal scan and energy healing is a holistic modality that focuses on addressing the emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing of animals. It is based on the principles of theta and a couple of additional methods.

This healing aims to identify and then change limiting beliefs such as feelings of fear and abandonment that have created negative patterns or trauma at a subconscious level that play out in the animal’s everyday behaviour. The animal healings combine intuition, energy work and the intention to facilitate balance in the animal.

It’s important for animals to receive healing as sometimes they also take on their owner's emotions but don’t have the ability to release them.

My Process
1. Purchase Service - Select your service and make payment through my website.
2. Complete Form - Fill out my 'Communication Details' Form, click here to complete the form.
3. Discovery Call - I will be in touch to clarify your needs & answer any questions you may have, we will book a time for the Findings Call.
4. Animal Communication - The communication and/or healing will take place remotely.
5. Findings Call - We will connect via video call to discuss the findings.

How does Energy Healing work?

Energy healing works with the energetic body, balancing the chakra system and the meridians to maintain balance. Animal energy healing also helps break down any blockages that can lead to physical manifestations. A lot of the time, energy blockages correlate to emotions that haven’t been released.  

These healings do not need physical proximity. Further to distant energy healings, hands-on healing can also be performed at request - although my experience has sometimes shown me that the hands-on healings can be a lot for the animals and they may naturally move away. This doesn’t mean they aren’t receiving the benefits or aren’t happy and receptive to healing, but it may be just an indication of sensitivity.


Healings offer reduced stress and relaxation for animals with anxiety, trauma or are travelling through a period of change. Pain and discomfort can help be alleviated when an animal has physical ailments, along with prevention of pain when blockages are released. Enhanced wellbeing,
vitality, resilience and a stronger immune system as healings restore balance and harmony in the energetic system. Limiting or painful beliefs and fear stored within the animal’s system and be changed and replaced, creating a new belief again, and creating more peace for our loved ones. It can be calming and extremely supportive to animals during the end of its life. Speed up healing processes after surgery.

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