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One on One Exploratory Communication

One on One Exploratory Communication

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Animal communication is the wisdom brought forward via telepathy, where we create a channel to be able to receive and send messages openly. This can be performed in person with your animal or during a distant session, as the connection isn’t based on proximity. You or your animal do not need to be present for the information to be obtained. The session can also be with animals that have passed over.

During this two-way conversation, anything can be brought forward to our attention from feelings, thoughts, emotions, and images, including any needs your animal may require. Much like having a conversation with a friend. It's useful to have some questions prepared prior to a session on anything specific that you would like to focus on.

My Process
1. Purchase Service - Select your service and make payment through my website.
2. Complete Form - Fill out my 'Communication Details' Form, click here to complete the form.
3. Discovery Call - I will be in touch to clarify your needs & answer any questions you may have, we will book a time for the Findings Call.
4. Animal Communication - The communication and/or healing will take place remotely.
5. Findings Call - We will connect via video call to discuss the findings.

How does it work?

I work telepathically - telepathy is an innate ability that all humans have intrinsically - our mental energy creates a connection married with our intention to create a channel; for example, when you’re thinking of a person and they call you at that moment. Animals use this method all day, every day, to convey feelings, to one another outside of the common sensory channels of communication.

Benefits to you?

During this session, the animals can communicate anything, from what they are thinking, how they are feeling, their expectations of you, and their reason for being in your life. Quite often, the wisdom that comes through is full of guidance and love for the owners. Animals are trying to communicate to us all the time via telepathy as to why they are behaving a certain way, and any health issues they have, along with anxiety and depression, just as humans have. I am here to provide that assistance. Often the bond strengthens as understanding expands as the animal is feeling understood.

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